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A "dustless" brush was the original product manufactured by Milwaukee Dustless Brush in 1897. This unique floor brush was constructed with a reservoir in the brush back which fed a sweeping fluid to the floor surface. When the brush was used, the sweeping fluid flowed down a special row of feed tufts connected to the reservoir, preventing dust and dirt from rising into the air. It was highly effective, especially on the wood floor prevalent at the turn of the century. 

Milwaukee Dustless Brush received a gold medal at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair for this outstanding product.

The original dustless brush was succeeded by Speed Sweep® brushes when improved floor surfaces and changes in sweeping requirements became widespread. 

Milwaukee Dustless Brush now manufactures many styles of steel-backed floor brushes.The same attention to quality construction can be found in our entire line of cleaning tools. Metal-capped upright brooms, and floor squeegees with bolt-in handle sockets are just two examples of the outstanding features of this product line.

The following pictures show some of the equipment we use to manufacture your quality brooms, squeegees and other fine products.

One of our many brush manufacturing machines.  
Insert shows drilling and filling of bristle material 
taking place at the same time.

All of our steel backed brush blocks are made with 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC which we mold in our plant.


We manufacture most of the fittings used in our products.


Wooden Handles are crimped to a metal sleeve to provide long life.

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